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  • Talisker 10YO Single Malt Whisky 700ml $99.99
    The classic stalwart of the Talisker family. The perfect companion for when the day is done, smooth, smoky with a comforting afterglow.
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  • Matusalem 23YO Gran Reserva Rum 700ml $116.99
    Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 23YO is Matusalem's premium expression of Solera aged rum. Only the true connoisseurs can enjoy the flavor of this select Matusalem rum. An ultra-premium rum that will satisfy even the most sophisticated and discerning of palates. Deep and intense golden hues combine with a unique flavor and unmistakable character. Its sophisticated elegant and creamy flavor, alluring taste and premium character will delight the demanding consumer.
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  • Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin 700ml $71.99
    Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is a unique distilled gin made with Sevilla orange essences and other fine botanicals. Inspired by Charles Tanqueray’s original recipes and the ripening oranges growing on the trees in sun-drenched SEVILLE, the result is a perfect balance of the uniquely bittersweet taste of Seville oranges balanced with the complexity of Tanqueray London Dry Gin. Best served with Premium tonic and a squeeze wedge of orange.
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  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky 700ml $249.99
    Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a commemoration of Alexander Walker's remarkable 1867 Old Highland Whisky. Its epic story is one that has seen it travel it from the four corners of Scotland, to the four corners of the earth.
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  • Havana Club Anejo Anos 3YO 700ml $37.99
    Havana Club 3 anos is the only rum that will give your mojito its autentic Cuban taste!
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  • Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo 750ml $81.99
    100% agave, double distilled and aged in oak barrels for up to 3 years. Rich, smooth with a spicy agave taste.
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  • Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 700ml $71.99
    The rare Rangpur lime is an ingenious choice to bring a distinct and bold flavour to Tanqueray Rangpur. With the zestiness of lime and the juiciness of mandarin orange, this gin is the best kept secret of the British-Indian tradition. Best enjoyed with premium tonic water and a slice of lime.
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  • Scapegrace Black Gin 700ml $81.99
    Scapegrace set out to create a unique flavoured gin with a flavour profile that is unexpected and very much focused on using the natural botanicals around us. Scapegrace Black is a tropical yet earthy and luxurious twist on gin as we know it. Crisp and floral, with balanced citrus and freshness and a hint of spice. A candied sweet potato and pineapple finish with a smooth velvety mouthfeel bursting with citrus oils.
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  • Haymans London Dry Gin 700ml $47.99
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  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed 700ml $96.99
    The true, bold spirit of Wild Turkey has been captured in this authentic barrel proof whiskey, creating one of the finest bourbons in the world. Uncut with water, Rare Breed is an uncompromised Kentucky bourbon with tones of sweet tobacco and hints of orange and mint, making it a remarkably smooth whiskey legend.
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  • Jim Beam Bourbon 1.125L $47.99
    The standard-bearer of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Aged twice as long as required. Great for mixing with cocktails, and a great introduction to Bourbon Whiskey. The Bourbon to keep on hand. On any and all occasions.
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  • Glenfiddich 18YO Ancient Reserve Single Malt Whisky 700ml $152.99
    A truly exceptional single malt, the result not just of eighteen years of care and attention, but of whisky-making craft and knowledge passed down through the generations.
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  • Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky 1L $42.99
    Johnnie Walker Red Label is the world's best-selling Scotch Whsiky. It's renowned for its bold, characterful taste - balanced to shine through even when mixed. It's a flavour that Walker family has never compromised.
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  • The Botanist Islay Dry Gin 700ml $89.99
    22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augment nine berries, barks, seeds and peels during an achingly slow distillation. This Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a rare expression of the heart and soul of this remote Scottish island home.
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  • The Glenlivet 12YO Single Malt Whisky 700ml $69.99
    The Glenlivet 12 Year Old was the world's first commercially released single malt. It is still widely considered to be the single malt against which all others are judged. The delicate and complex characters of the 12 Year Old derives from the height and width of stills at The Glenlivet Distillery. This expression is matured in a mixture of cask types, including American and European oak. It has flavours of vanilla and is distinctly smooth.
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  • Jack Daniels 1L $59.99
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  • Havana Club 7YO Anos 700ml $54.99
    This dark rum matured in barrels reveals the rich natural flavours of Cuba. Havana 7 holds the tastes of the Cuban terroir: aromatic tobacco, the sweet tropical fruits of the Cuban garden, molasses, spices and vanilla from the long ageing unfold, enhanced by the slow release of aromas.
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  • 42 Below Pure Vodka 700ml $39.99
    PURE - 42 Below's signature Vodka made right here in New Zealand with the pure softness of NZ spring water, 42 Below is a world-famous, award-winning vodka you can't go wrong with! 42 Below vodka is distilled three times from non-genetically engineered wheat. After that, natural spring water is used as a wash before a final distillation and a trip through 35 different filters. The result is a smooth vodka free of the majority of impurities.
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  • Grey Goose Vodka 700ml $74.99
    GREY GOOSE® is the result of an absolute determination to create a French vodka unlike any other. Expressed in GREY GOOSE® bottle is the essence of the finest ingredients from France; soft winter wheat from in and around Picardy plus pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region, nurtured and captured from field to bottle in an exclusive process designed and controlled by the extraordinary skills and commitment of their Cellar Master François Thibault.
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  • Hendricks Gin 700ml $84.99
    HENDRICK'S is an unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals. The curious, yet marvellous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavour resulting in an unimpeachably smooth and distinct gin.
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  • Absolut Vodka Blue 1L $44.99
    Absolut Vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike other vodkas, it doesn't contain any added sugar. In fact Absolut is as pure as vodka can be. Still, that purity has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.
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  • The Glenlivet 18YO Single Malt Whisky 700ml $149.99
    Over the course of 18 years their Master Distiller, Alan Winchester, takes this expression through a combination of cask types, including both first and second-fill American oak (for tropical fruitiness) and ex-sherry oak (for spicy complexity). The result of this deft navigation of the distilling arts is a gorgeous single malt that is complex, yet elegant and balanced. The 18 Year Old has won more awards than any other expression; every bottle is a true example of the quality and taste of The Glenlivet.
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  • Jose Cuervo Agavero Tequila 750ml $95.99
    A 100% blue agave tequila blended with essence of the Damiana flower. Indigenous to the mountains of Jalisco, legend tells of the Damiana’s power to stir up passion between admirers.
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  • Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 700ml $62.99
    With the boldness to stand out and the smoothness to blend in, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum makes one damn-tasty drink, no matter how you like it.
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  • Malfy Gin Con Limore 700ml $58.99
    MALFY® Gin Con Limone marries the finest Italian coastal lemons with our family’s unique gin recipe to create a one-of-a kind spirit. Distilled with classic Italian Juniper and Sfusato lemon peels from the AMALFI Coast – it has delightful citrus and juniper on the nose with a complex flavour of anise, citrus and coriander. Perfect with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon.
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  • Malfy Gin Original 700ml $58.99
    MALFY® Gin Originale is distilled with Juniper, Coriander and five other botanicals. It is blended with pure spring water from the nearby Monviso mountain - the highest altitude source of any spring in Italy. The base of the bottle is inspired of the mountain lakes and the label colours reflect the snow capped peak.
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  • Tanqueray No. Ten Gin 1L $99.99
    A time honoured recipe of only the highest quality grains, purest water, the most select juniper berries, finest botanicals and a unique quadruple-distillation process.
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  • Bombay Saphire Gin 1L $56.99
    Bombay Sapphire is one of the most recognised and popular gins in the world. 10 botanicals are infused in a truly unique process - held seperately from the spirit in perforated copper baskets, vapour from the botanicals rise as they're heated and the distinctive flavours are released. The result is a complex aromatic liquid that delivers a broader, more balanced flavour.
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  • Roku Japanese Gin 700ml $64.99
    Six Japanese botanicals have been carefully cultivated and selected to create Japan's authentic craft gin.
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  • Belvedere Vodka 700ml $62.99
    Crafted using 100% Polska rye and water from its own natural well, Belvedere is all natural, contains zero additives or sugar.
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  • The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 700ml $66.99
    As it is told, The Kraken Rum is an imported rum from the Caribbean blended with secret spices. Named for the sea beast of myth and legend, The Kraken is strong, rich, black and smooth.
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  • Chivas Regal 12YO Blended Scotch Whisky 700ml $56.99
    Chivas Regal 12YO is a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. This rich, smooth blend combines style with substance and tradition.
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  • Glenmorangie 10YO The Original Single Malt Whisky 700ml $71.99
    The backbone of the Glenmorangie range. A ten-year-old single malt, Glenmorangie Original is produced by marrying the delicate spirit with first and second fill American white oak casks. It is here, that this raw spirit develops a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity.
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